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ZY1218-1000W Laser Cutting Machine

ZY1218-1000W equips with fast axial flow CO2 laser generator. No need to change laser tube. High-efficient and reliable performance.
Materials: 0-20mm plywood and acrylic, 0-3mm steel
Delivery time: 30-40 days
Terms of payment: T/T, L/C, etc.

1. ZY1218-1000W laser cutting machine equips with excellent fast axial flow CO2 laser generator. The laser head focuses a beam to cut various of metal or non-metal sheet materials with several gases.

2. Precision capacitive servo system makes the distance between laser head and die board constant so that the cutting kerf is same.

3. The gas control system reduces power and gas consumption.

4. Specialized constant-temperature chiller.

5. The software is easy to handle.

6. Adopt imported servo motor, ball screw & guide rails. It provide  precise positioning and cutting.

7. Intelligent control system.

8. Equip with beam compensation device, which keeps the beam diameter same and focus on the entire range of processing.

9. The beam compensation stops the laser beam from diffraction and divergence during the transmission owing to gas disturbance. It also keeps the positive pressure of clean gas in the laser tube and prevents extra smoke from entering into laser.

10. Adopt integral load-bearing beams and gantry structure. It keeps machine tool stable.