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ZY-510B bending machines

ZY-510B is a semi-automatic die rule bending machine with automatic bending, cutting, bridging and manual lipping functions. Gear transmission to feed rules. Servo drivers and motors to control machine. It’s specially suitable for printing, packaging dies, etc.
Materials: 0.45-0.71mm thick and 8-23.8mm high rules
Delivery time: 10-20 days
Terms of payment: T/T, L/C, etc.

1. Automatically bending, bridging, cutting, semi-automatic lipping.

2. Our rule bending machine introduces of Korean latest technology. Feeding and bending system controlled by servo drivers and motors which are fast.

3. Our machine takes imported steel for bending molds which are tough, high strength, durable.

4. Through the gear transmission, the machine is high precision and stable.

5. Continuous feeding system by gear transmission with servo motor. The rule is no need to go back after cutting.

6. Control system supports various kinds of file format, such as DXF, AI, NC and so on.

7. We will provide training and after-sale service overseas, longtime maintenance.