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BKM-2516 CNC Cutting Machine

BKM-2516 CNC cutting machine cuts materials with knife. High speed, high precision full cutting, half cutting and punching. It’s suitable for automotive, sofa, shoe-making, composites, textile, gasket, etc.
Materials: composite material, fabric, leather, fur, etc.
Delivery time: 20-30 days
Terms of payment: T/T, L/C, etc.

1. Oscillating knife and high speed wheel knife: You can choose anyone according to the materials and processing graphics.

2. Highly breathable felt table: Great friction of felt makes the materials settled and highly cutting precision. Vacuum absorption gives you a quiet environment.

3. Conveyor belt table: Continuous cutting saves you time.

4. Cost saving: Replace manual design and proofing to save R&C time. You can get more business with small batch but multi-order and various types.

5. Highly precision: The transmission system equips with linear guide and synchronous belt drive, which can greatly increase cutting precision.