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ZY-510A Precision Rule Bending Machine

ZY-510A is a full-automatic die rule bending machine with automatic bending and cutting functions. Full-closed loop control system to feed rules. Servo drivers and motors to control machine. It’s specially suitable for screen protector, label dies, etc.
Materials: 0.45-0.53mm thick and 8-12mm high rules
Delivery time: 10-20 days
Terms of payment: T/T, L/C, etc.

1. Automatically bend and cut from two sides according to the figures.

2. Equipped with latest encoder which carries out the full-closed loop control, it makes feeding high accuracy.

3. Rollers with servo motor feed rules continuously, which is higher precision and faster. No need to feed back and forth.

4. There is “Home”button in the software which help you recognize the original place of bending and make all bending angle precise. Special cutting method reduces waste.

5. Bending control system is easy to operate. You can also upgrade the system.

6. It’s all English interfaces and easy to handle.

7. Support multiple file-formats, such as DXF, AI, NC, etc.

8. The small bend molds make all figures precision when it makes cutting dies of adhesive stickers or electron plate.

9. Short belt driving and compact design stop the thin rule from deforming and waving owing to long distance transmission.