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HZY-320 Automatic Rule Bending Machine

HZY-320 is a full-automatic die rule bending machine with automatic bending, broaching, cutting, bridging and lipping functions. Double motor and ball screws to feed rules. Servo drivers and motors to control broaching function. It’sspecially suitable for high-end dies, etc.
Materials: 0.45-1.07mm thick and 8-32mm high rules(can customize 50mm height)
Delivery time: 20-30 days
Terms of payment: T/T, L/C, etc.

HZY-320 Multi-function Automatic Rule Bending Machine

HZY has broaching function which is applied for high-end printing dies, blister packaging dies, sticker dies, screen protector dies, cigarette packaging dies, etc.



1. All in one machine for bending, cutting, lipping, bridging, broaching.

2. Newly developed multi wheel changing system for broaching.

3. Four different kind of wheels and functions are controlled by fully automatic servo. Unique Edge Broaching function, coordinating dual broaching with V and Flat broach for achieving new method using joints without lipping joint.

4. Broaching depth can be controlled by software setting easily.

5. Low maintenance cost with long lasting wheels.

6. Original hydraulic rule-clamping system with imported double-motor and double-ball screw, which can accurately feed rules continuously.

7. Software supports industrial standard CAD files(DWG, DXF, NC, CFF2, DDES2).

8. Option: 6 lines auto rule cassette. Taking 6 different type of rule and crease. The touch screen is easy to operation.