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ZY-510CA Automatic Rule Bending Machine

ZY-510CA is a full-automatic die rule bending machine with automatic bending, cutting, bridging and lipping functions. Gear transmission to feed rules. Servo drivers and motors to control machine. It’s specially suitable for printing, packaging dies, etc.
Materials: 0.45-1.07mm thick and 8-32mm high rules(can customize 40mm height)
Delivery time: 10-20 days
Terms of payment: T/T, L/C, etc.

1. Automatically bending, bridging, lipping and cutting. Besides, equipped with external air-operated lipping, you can choose any one while process.

2. All bending moulds are made by imported steel which are tough, high strength and durable.

3. The rotary cutting and lipping method is our unique technology. The working life of cutter prolongs 3 to 5 times.

4. It equips with air-oil pressure cylinder to drive cutting and bridging, which makes the work more powerful.

5. Gear transmission makes feeding system higher precision and stable. Rollers with servo motor feed rules continuously, it’s higher precision and faster. No need to feed back and forth.

6. Bending control system is multi-functional and easy to operate. You can also upgrade the system.

7. It’s all English interfaces and easy to handle.

8. Support multiple file-formats, such as DXF, AI, NC, etc.

9. Precision bending angles save your time of making dies.